Public service announcement

Syringe Litter Hotline

If you find an improperly disposed syringe in the Missoula area, call our hotline and we’ll come and pick it up and dispose of it properly.  Click on the image to see the media coverage our service has garnered.

This is a free service and operates Monday – Friday during our normal business hours.

If you’re out of our area or our office is closed, you can safely dispose of the syringe yourself.  We have instructions on safely handling the syringe and how to dispose of them below.

How to Handle Syringe Litter

It’s possible to handle syringes without the risk of being pricked by the needle.  If you would like to dispose of the syringe yourself,  here are some guidelines and a video to keep you safe.


  • Stay calm
  • Make sure that you can clearly see and move around the needle
  • Bring your sharps container or alternative to where the needle is (click here for approved alternative containers)

Take Action:

  1. Put on gloves
  2. Place the container on the ground beside the syringe
  3. Pick up the syringe by the middle of the barrel using tongs, needle-nose pliers or gloved hands, whichever provides the most control
  4. Place the syringe into the sharps container sharp end first
  5. Secure the lid of the sharps container with duct tape
  6. Write “Sharps” on container using a marker
  7. Place in trash
  8. Remove gloves and wash your hands

Do Not:

  • Force needles or sharps into container
  • Put fingers inside the container
  • Bend, break, recap or remove the needle or leave the needle unattended.  If you must leave to get disposal supplies, ask another person to keep watch to avoid an accidental stick