Board of Directors

We appreciate the time and efforts of our board members.  The members work hand-in-hand with the Executive Director to help fulfill the mission of Open Aid Alliance.  The term commitment is two years and we meet monthly.

We encourage people with applicable lived experience to apply- people living with HIV and/or those who have or currently use injection drugs.  

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the board, please fill out the application below today and make a difference tomorrow.


Kathryn Puczkowskyj

Board President

Originally from Austin, TX, Kathryn moved to Missoula in early 2012, after studying as an Undergraduate in Sociology and Microbiology at the University of Texas Austin. It only took her a few months to start volunteering at Open Aid Alliance, an organization that she respected for practicing a nonjudgmental openness and desire to help all who walked in the door. Kathryn started doing HIV/HCV testing and counseling at the Poverello Center and Project Homeless Connect. She quickly came to love the organization, its mission to assist individuals in achieving health without stigma, and the phenomenal staff members that exude love and respect towards all clients. Once she was no longer able to consistently volunteer as a tester, Kathryn joined the Board of Directors in the summer of 2016.

Open Aid Alliance is my safe haven from the world we live in where a significant proportion of the real people close around us are ignored. At OAA, nobody is ignored, everyone is seen, and each person is truly heard with an open heart and mind. No matter where you are at, the amazing staff and volunteers at OAA are waiting to meet you there. There is no judgement, no lectures, no threats to withhold conditional services. I have given some of my time to OAA for the past six years, and each year have felt more steeled in my belief that the work they do and the way they do it are essential to the health and progress of Montana. I am incredibly humbled and proud to serve on the Board of Directors at OAA, and cannot think of a better way to understand, be closer to, and serve my community.

Kathryn Puczkowskyj

Lisa J. Smith, M.A.


Lisa moved to Missoula in 2004 to attend the University of Montana. She has a Master of Arts in Sociology and is currently earning a Master’s in Public Administration. Lisa is currently employed at Missoula Housing Authority as a Property Manager, previously working in the Admissions and Occupancy department as a Program Specialist. She has worked and volunteered for various nonprofit organizations in Missoula since 2008 including the YWCA, CASA, and the Humane Society of Western Montana. She joined the Board of Directors in 2017.

I joined the OAA Board because I believe in OAA’s mission. I believe everyone should be treated equally and have access to services, regardless of their status. As someone in recovery myself, the services that OAA provides and the way in which they provide them, are near to my heart. OAA provides an environment of compassion in a world where people are often met with judgement. To serve on the board of OAA is a great honor. I am grateful that an organization like OAA exists in our community. I can instantly feel the warmth, love, and compassion of its staff as soon as I walk in the door. OAA provides services and peer support that are unique and not accessible elsewhere in our community. For this reason, I choose to devote some of my time to OAA and its mission.

Lisa J. Smith

Donna Beal, Board Co Chair
Jay Swanson, Secretary
Kathi Olson, Treasurer
Jim Prendergast

Eric Kress
Shane Sangrey
Emily McCulloch
Jim Schweike

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