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Radically Comitted to Hope and Healing

Uncovery is a harm reduction treatment center for all people questioning or experiencing addictive patterns. We open the door to contemplation, preparation, and engagement in change. How you walk through is up to you. We inspire hope for what can be different and healing for what hurts.  Harm reduction therapy is a commonsense and humane approach to healing.

You don't have to do this alone

How it works

While abstinence IS within the spectrum of harm reduction, a client does not need to be abstinent or even be seeking abstinence in order to receive therapeutic services.

Instead, this risk reduction counseling honors and supports your right to choose your own goals and what works best for you in your life.

We are here to provide a supportive, non-judgemental, safe space where you will be treated with dignity and respect.

No one will be denied services due to inability to pay or any other discrimination.  We all work together here as a team and are looking forward to providing you with wrap-around services and support. Thank you for your courage to reach out.

The Harm Reduction Coalition, Health and Human Services, and SAMHSA are three excellent resources for harm reduction information.

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Uncovery Services

Support group

If you are seeking alcohol or substance use treatment, a chemical dependency evaluation (CDE) or are interested in our support groups, click the button below and fill out the form.

Groups and Special Events Calendar

This calendar includes the regularly scheduled support groups and special events we think you should know about.

Click on the title of the group or event your interested in for a description and an option to add it to your calendar.

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It's easy to access Case Management

To access Case Management,  schedule and complete an assessment with an Uncovery clinician and receive a referral for Case Management.  Once you’re receiving care from Uncovery, your Case Manager will find the appropriate services to address your specific needs and help you achieve your goals.

If you have questions or want to get started with Case Management, call Michelle at 406-201-9690 or Leo at 406-209-9929.

Case Management Can Help With
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Group is paused for the Summer
This group is for anyone who has lost a loved one to an overdose, anyone who has reversed an overdose, or has been impacted by an overdose.  The group is facilitated by two therapists who will provide guidance and space to honor your experience in a supportive, nonjudgmental group setting.   This group is on a Summer pause.  Please fill out the form below to be notified when group resumes.
Overdose Support Group
Come As You Are Group
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Group is paused for the Summer
We are thrilled to announce that we are  facilitating a “Come As You Are” Group for folks who are interested in exploring their relationship to substances or addictive behavior.  The group is a harm reduction focused alternative to AA/NA. The group is on a Summer pause.  Please fill out the form below to be notified when group resumes.

Uncovery Contact Form

Uncovery Treatment Center FAQ
  • Chemical Dependency Evaluations (CDE)
  • Mental Health Evaluations
  • Harm reduction for substance use & sexual activity
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Peer Support
  • Case management
  • Mindfulness and self compassion strategies
  • Sex positive and gender affirming environment
  • Testing for HIV, HCV and STI’s
  • Urinalysis upon  request

As a harm reduction treatment center, our program philosophy is that we want people to “Come as you are” to our program. Every person on the spectrum of examining their drug and alcohol use will find a place to contemplate and implement change.

  1. Call us at 543-4770 and speak to Amy or Tomi or email [email protected].
  2. We’ll  schedule an appointment with the Intake Coordinator.
  3. You begin your treatment.

If you are a provider looking to refer a client, please fill out this form