"We specialize in harm reduction and substance use treatment"


Uncovery is a harm reduction treatment center for all people questioning or experiencing addictive patterns. We open the door to contemplation, preparation, and engagement in change. How you walk through is up to you. We inspire hope for what can be different and healing for what hurts.

Contact information for Uncovery

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Uncovery Treatment Center FAQ

  • CD evaluations and risk assessments
  • Harm reduction for substance use & sexual activity
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Peer Support
  • Case management
  • Mindfulness and self compassion strategies
  • Sex positive and gender affirming environment
  • Specialized services for people living with HIV
  • Testing for HIV, HCV and STI
  • Urinalysis upon  request

Our program philosophy is that we want people to “Come as you are” to our program. Every person on the spectrum of examining their drug and alcohol use will find a place to contemplate and implement change.

  1. Call us at 543-4770 and leave a message.
  2. We’ll call you back, answer your questions, and schedule an appointment with the Intake Coordinator.
  3. You begin your treatment.