Your Donation Makes a Difference

When you make a donation to Open Aid Alliance you should know that you are helping sustain services for people of all walks of life. The stories are varied and include men, women and children. They include business men and sex workers, mothers and fathers, college students and students of the street.

Your gift ensures that our services– free testing, information and referrals, support groups, safe sex supplies, housing assistance and a safe space to talk- remain available and accessible to all people regardless of their financial means. Please consider making a gift today, it is an investment in the health of our community.

If you are willing to make a significant impact to our work, please consider a monthly recurring donation. These donors are the pillars of the longevity and sustainability of our programs. A monthly donation is perfect for people ‘living lightly’ or those who understand the importance of an ongoing monthly gift.

Click below to make your contribution.  Thank you.

The impact that this organization has is profound. I have learned more from Open Aid than I ever expected. As much as I have been able to donate in time, OAA has repaid it to me in knowledge, friendship, and knowing I am helping my community. OAA relies on donors to carry out our mission of helping as many people as possible. Please consider donating if you can!

Anne - Volunteer