Your Donation Makes a Difference

When you make a donation to Open Aid Alliance you should know that you are helping sustain services for people of all walks of life. The stories are varied and include men, women and children. They include business men and sex workers, mothers and fathers, college students and students of the street.

Your gift ensures that our services- free testing, information and referrals, support groups, safe sex supplies, housing assistance and a safe space to talk- remain available and accessible to all people regardless of their financial means. Please consider making a gift today, it is an investment in the health of our community.

If you are willing to make a significant impact to our work, please consider a monthly recurring donation. These donors are the pillars of the longevity and sustainability of our programs. A monthly donation is perfect for people ‘living lightly’ or those who understand the importance of an ongoing monthly gift.

Give hope: Make a donation to support our mission

Open Aid Alliance exists to help people overcome stigma as they seek greater health. As you likely know, we focus on people living with HIV and people impacted by drug use. This year has proven just how critical our services are and with our year end appeal, we’d like your help in preparing for the year ahead.

David's story

Just this month, David (not his real name), joined me in our office – a space designed for people to get warm and to relax and recharge. David is always willing to help others and likes to connect through meaningful conversation. He’s currently unhoused, he uses drugs to manage his untreated mental health issues, and he frequently interacts with emergency response systems for various reasons.

On this day, David had all of his belongings with him as it’s not safe to leave them behind where he sleeps at night. While we were talking about his day, David mentioned he wanted to get his COVID vaccination. I asked him if I could schedule an appointment at one of the vaccination stations in town. When I said that, we looked at each other, looked at the frigid 13 degree fahrenheit weather, then looked at everything he would have to carry across town – we both knew that David had basic needs like food and shelter to deal with that day, and getting vaccinated wasn’t possible.

What we're doing to help

David is not alone in facing these unfair and systemic barriers to care. 2,600 folks visit us each year. The need for our services and barriers placed before them has only become greater in the face of COVID-19, the housing crisis, and the overdose epidemic.

In 2019 just over 25% of the people we served were unhoused. Today, 80% of the people who come to OAA are surviving without stable housing. We need your help to bring basic health services to the people in our community experiencing the most barriers to health and housing.

We at Open Aid Alliance actively remove barriers to care in the following ways:

  • Invitation to ‘come as you are’
  • No appointment required, drop in services for STI testing, wound care, mental health, case management and substance use treatment.
  • Food and fluids before services
  • Outreach services that travel to people

Your gift today helps to ensure community members like David and others can continue to access these vital services and help us expand to offer additional services like vaccinations at Open Aid Alliance.

Will you join us on our mission to remove barriers to basic health services with your financial support?  Scroll down to our donate form to make your contribution.

With gratitude,
Rebecca Ramos
Executive Director

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A person who presents as male holding up their sleeve showing a bandaid after getting vaccinated.


We will be participating in an organization-wide staff development and training this week.  Please note the change in hours.  We look forward to sharing what we learn with you when we return on Thursday.

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