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Free condoms and personal lubricants

We have FREE condoms and personal lubricants available to anyone. There is usually a variety of condoms, including latex-free.  Water-based personal lubricants are available as well.

We have condoms here at 715 Ronan at our Safe Sex Salad Bar… just grab and go.  If you make it in, we may be able to ship condoms and lube directly to you.  Use the form below to order condoms and lube.  We are only able to ship within Montana.

Scroll down for information on condom use and see what happens when you use oil-based lube with a condom.

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Lube Info

Personal lubricants are perhaps the greatest unsung sex toy. While it’s true that lubricant can be used to solve a sexual problem, like vaginal dryness, lube is much more than something to use only when you ‘need’ it.

What Kind Lube for What Kind of Sex?

Lube is great to use for all kinds of sex play, alone or with one, or multiple partners. But some lubes are recommended for some kinds of sex play. Here are a few tips:

Most people agree that thicker lubricants are easier to use with sex toys mostly because they don’t slide off sex toys as easily.

Thicker lubes are also easier and more comfortable for anal sex. Again, because they are thicker they stay on fingers, toys, and penises better, and with anal penetration, which is a slower kind of sex play at first, having something that stays put is helpful. Some people suggest that a thicker lube also provides a cushion feeling in the rectum.

For vaginal intercourse consistency is a personal preference.

Should You Choose Water or Silicone Based Lubricant?

Both water based and silicone based lubricants are safe to use with condoms (it’s only lubes that have oils that you need to avoid). The main difference between water based and silicone based lubricants are:

Water based lubricants:

  • flush out of the body, and off the body easier than silicone
  • are more widely available
  • are available in flavored and warming variations
  • are less expensive
  • will be less likely to stain sheets (but not always!)

Silicone based lubricants:

  • contain no water, so they never dry up or evaporate
  • require soap and water to come off the skin
  • do not absorb in the skin
  • are more expensive, but less is required
  • May stain sheets

Don't use oil-based lube on condoms

Use water or silicone-based lube only

Condom Effectiveness

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