Are you looking for a meaningful volunteer opportunity?

Volunteers and interns make our world go round and we’d love to have you on our team. Apply below to contribute to something important. Even if you don’t understand Harm Reduction…  or you don’t know what living with HIV is like…  or you don’t have experience with substance use.  None of that matters.  All you need is an open mind, compassion for others and a willingness to learn.

We have multiple programs that would appreciate your time.  Our programs include housing for people living with HIV/AIDS, syringe services, and testing just to name a few. Your time will be well spent with any of our programs.  Apply today by sending an email to [email protected]. Include your prefered contact information and our volunteer coordinator will get back to you soon.

Here are the outstanding volunteers of past weeks

Here's what some of our volunteers shared about volunteering a OAA

I chose to get involved OAA because of their commitment to HIV education and prevention. OAA's mission is especially important to me because I have lost many loved ones to the epidemic.

Someone important to me struggled with addiction, and I wanted a way to be productive and empower them. I think everyone has the right to sovereignty of their own body, and everyone is an expert at making the best choices for themselves. Harm Reduction gives people the opportunity to make those choices. Plus, everyone here is super cool and smart and fun.

I volunteer at OAA to gain a first hand experience of Missoula's public health systems and to serve the community!

OAA's commitment to judgment-free services, harm reduction, and Montana's LGBTQ community resonate deeply with my personal and professional passions. I'm lucky to volunteer in an environment where I can hear directly from my neighbors about what sort of supports they need as I prepare to become a licensed professional counselor.

Internship Opportunity
Want to intern and have a meaningful impact?

Who we are looking for:

Someone who is passionate about housing, healthcare, and community development. We are excited to have an intern in the housing program and would like to support this person in developing their own project to reach their goals and benefit the growth of the housing program.

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We will be participating in an organization-wide staff development and training this week.  Please note the change in hours.  We look forward to sharing what we learn with you when we return on Thursday.

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