Amazon Smile is No Longer Available

Amazon discontinued their donation program, Amazon Smile, in February 2023.  We benefited from this program and are disappointed that it is no longer an option for our donors to use.  If you’d still like to contribute to Open Aid Alliance, then please visit our donation page.  You can make a donation in any amount you wish and it will be greatly appreciated.

A little about Amazon Smile

A little about Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile was a program offered by Amazon that allowed customers to support charitable organizations by donating a portion of their purchase price to the charity of their choice. When customers shopped on Amazon Smile, the AmazonSmile Foundation would donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the customer’s selected charitable organization. To participate, customers simply needed to visit and select a charity to support. After that, customers could shop as they normally would on Amazon, and a portion of their purchase would be donated to the selected charity.

You can still support OAA through Amazon Wish Lists

We have created two wish lists on Amazon that are for items our participants have shown a need for or items for OAA to help us achieve a high level of care.  You can find the lists here:  For participants and for OAA.  Amazon has made it easy to order these items and will ship the directly to us.

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We will be participating in an organization-wide staff development and training this week.  Please note the change in hours.  We look forward to sharing what we learn with you when we return on Thursday.

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