Community Education

Open Aid Alliance provides the following educational workshops to area schools and the general community.

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HIV 101 Interactive Workshop

This 1-2 hour workshop explains the basics of HIV/AIDS including transmission, disease progression, prevention and risk reduction and updates on treatment and current statistics.

HIV, Hepatitis C and STD Workshop

This workshop is an expansion of our HIV 101 to include information on Hepatitis C and other sexually transmitted diseases. The workshop emphasizes prevention and risk reduction strategies.

HIV+ Speaker’s Bureau

Speakers are available for educational and group events. This 1-1.5 hour presentation includes a brief HIV 101 and a testimonial from someone living with HIV.

We are working on refining and updating this program and we will relaunch in Fall, 2023.

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We will be participating in an organization-wide staff development and training this week.  Please note the change in hours.  We look forward to sharing what we learn with you when we return on Thursday.

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