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New Affordable Housing Project proposed | Missoula Housing Authority

Open Aid Alliance, The Poverello Center and Partnership Health Center are working with the development team to design comprehensive supportive programming that aims to break the cycle of chronic homelessness and to support people with high barriers to housing.

Missoula’s Open Aid Alliance opens in new location

The Open Aid Alliance opens its doors Wednesday in a new location, 1500 W. Broadway in Missoula.

Opioid Overdose Rescue Drug Still Difficult To Get In Montana

Across the country, and in Montana, more and more people are having the kind of terrifying experience that Michael McNamara did. “I was shooting up in a

Opioid Overdose Reversal Drug Now Easier To Access In Montana

A lifesaving drug that can reverse opioid overdoses is now more widely available in Montana. State health officials today highlighted that, thanks to a new

More used syringes found in Missoula as snow melts away

As winter’s ice melts away, Open Aid Alliance employees say people are finding more used syringes around town.

Montana combats spike in heroin and painkiller abuse

The Obama administration announced a plan in early October to address a national heroin and opioid epidemic with federal programs.

MCAT Community Media

World AIDs day is today and we have Stephanie from Missoula Open AID Alliance. MCT puts on their christmas show, “Winter Wonderettes.” Eran from the Poverello Center talks about their grand opening…