There have been 22 fentanyl related deaths in Montana in 2021. We’ve heard about strong heroin and pills being sold as oxycontin, both contain fentanyl and can cause an overdose. Follow these steps to stay safe when using;
1. Assume fentanyl is in every drug you purchase.
2. Use with a partner or friend. A buddy can get help in an OD situation and they can help you pace your drug use.
3. Control your own high. When someone else “hits” you, you’re at higher risk of OD-ing.
4. Do not “slam” drugs. Do a small tester shot first. You can never be sure how pure a dose is or what it’s cut with. A test shot helps you regulate.
5. Don’t use your normal dose after several days, weeks, or month of being clean or sick. If you’ve reduced your drug use, your body isn’t prepared for the amount you were using before. Take it slow!
6. Don’t mix drugs with alcohol or other drugs.

Overdose is preventable.